Vaginal Pain During Intercourse

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There can be several causes for pain during intercourse. Entry pain or deep pain during thrusting are usually caused by urologic conditions. Other types of painful intercourse may be related to gynecological conditions. No matter the source, treatment can be very successful, and there is no need to suffer in silence.

Vaginal pain may be caused by insufficient lubrication resulting from low estrogen levels or inadequate foreplay. Inflammation, infection, skin problems or reaction to a birth control product, injury, trauma, irritation, episiotomy or pelvic surgery can contribute to pain. Vestibulitis (stinging or burning around the opening of the vagina) and vaginismus (involuntary spasms of the vagina) also may lead to vaginal pain.

Evaluation begins with a detailed history and physical exam. Hormone testing is available. Try to be aware of when and where you experience pain.

Vaginal tissues are the first to be affected by low estrogen levels. Treatment may include a topical estrogen cream to provide lubrication and minimize voiding dysfunction and pain. Combinations of medications, creams, lotions and inserts can provide relief. For vaginismus, physical therapy can be effective. We may recommend treatment with a sex therapist as well.

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