Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Diagnosis

Patient History

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We will ask you about your medical and sexual histories, including medical conditions, previous surgeries, medications, smoking, drug and alcohol use, relationship with your partner and sexual experiences. We may also talk to you and your partner about emotional concerns.

Physical Exam and Lab Tests

A physical exam can help us find problems with your blood pressure, blood flow, hormonal issues and other problems. Blood tests and urinalysis can indicate diabetes, clogged blood vessels, kidney disease and low testosterone.

Nighttime Erection Test

A man normally has three to five erections while he sleeps. If you do not have these erections, you probably have nerve damage or poor blood flow to your penis. If you have an erection, it usually means your ED is more likely a mental health issue. 

Injection Test and Ultrasound

In this test we inject a medicine into your penis to cause an erection. If the erection is not firm or does not last, it may mean you have a problem with blood flow. We can also detect problems with blood flow using a Doppler penile ultrasound.