About the Radiation Oncology Center


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What makes Philadelphia Cancer Treatment different? We offer quality radiotherapy and other treatment services in a place that “feels” more like a high-service social club than a radiation oncology center. We call this our ClubCare™ approach. We’ve worked hard to make your experience easier by offering: 

Our convenient location

Our convenient location at One Presidential Blvd, Suite 100 Bala Cynwyd, PA is on the boundary of Philadelphia and its suburbs. There is free parking and easy access. We are located just off I-76 and City Line Avenue.  The entrance is at the back of the building.

Our people

Our doctors, technicians, nurses and office staff are highly trained. They are among the best at what they do. Our physicians are experienced in urology, surgery and cancer radiation therapy.

Excellence in care

We provide excellence in care with a strong commitment to research and teaching. Our healthcare professionals are continuously improving their skills.

On-site support

We offer on-site support for you and your family. When you’re done with treatment, we keep in touch through mail, phone, on-site support groups and special events.

Our techniques and technologies

We employ treatment protocols that are well-tested and successful in clinical use. We also have the latest technologies such as Image Guided Radiation Therapy with the added benefits of RapidArc™, technologies that provide precision treatment with fewer side effects.

Our 21st-century office

Our 21st-century office uses smart technology to reduce waiting time and to simplify access to your information while safeguarding your privacy.

Our ClubCare™ approach

Our ClubCare™ approach fosters a positive state of mind and emotional stability, two factors that have a positive impact on effective treatment and positive outcome. Our ClubCare™ approach to patient care, with its emphasis on comfort and stress reduction, makes the journey, as well as the outcome of your therapy, better.